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Zoom Meeting Summary

About Meeting Summary

Logo for Zoom AI CompanionUse the Zoom AI Companion option to automatically generate a helpful summary of online meetings with the entire class, or individual students.

When the AI Companion is enabled for a meeting, a meeting summary is automatically emailed to the host.  This summary can be a helpful way to document and refer to the details of a course discussion, or a private meeting with a student.


Enable Meeting Summary

How do I sign in to my Zoom account?

  • Meeting Summary can be enabled by default for all meetings, or manually per meeting.

  • The meeting summary is emailed to the instructor by default.

Zoom AI Companion settings

Meeting Summary Example

The automatically generated meeting summary provides a comprehensive overview, including a detailed breakdown of different sections. It will identify which participants were speaking and identify their responses, comments, suggestions, and other contributions.


Zoom AI Companion meeting summary example


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