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Use the SpeedGrader Comment Library

Do you find yourself typing the same feedback to students over and over again?  Or copying and pasting from a file full of pre-written comments? 

Instructors can use the Comment Library feature in Speedgrader to quickly save and use common assignment feedback. 

What is the Comment Library?

The Comment Library is a convenient way for instructors to save their own custom student feedback, then easily access it at any time when grading any assignment in any course. 

The tool is integrated into SpeedGrader, and available when adding written comments to student assignment submissions.  

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How Do I Use the Comment Library?

Access the Comment Library by clicking the icon above the “Assignment Comments” field in SpeedGrader.

SpeedGrader Comment Library


Add comments to the library using the field provided at the bottom.  Or click an existing comment to insert it into the “Assignment Comments” field.

SpeedGrader Comment Library

NOTE: Your saved comments are available in all of your courses, and not unique to the course in which they were created.


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