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Recover Deleted Content

Blue arrow - undoDid you know you can see a list of deleted content in a Canvas course, and recover it?

This undocumented feature does not include every change made in a course, but most items can be restored from the hidden ‘undelete’ page:

View and Recover Deleted Content

  1. On the home page of any course, note the URL.
    Undelete trick - URL 1
  2. Add ‘/undelete’ to the end of the URL, hit Enter
    Undelete trick - URL 2

The Restore Deleted Items page will display a list of items in chronological order, including a restore button used to recover deleted content.

8 thoughts on “Recover Deleted Content”

  1. This little trick, or for me a lifesaver at times when I mistakenly delete something that I want to use again somewhere. Thank you for your tips and help. You guys are great.

  2. Appreciate this tip! Looking forward to other time savers and tricks to enhance our ability to instruct online :)
    Appreciatively… Carrie


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