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One of the most fundamental elements of a course is the syllabus. This is a good starting point for faculty just learning Canvas, and an essential asset for students.


Instructors may add a syllabus to a Canvas course as:

text pasted directly into Canvas
(e.g. from a Word document)


a link to a file
(e.g. a PDF document)

Per the Academic Senate, all faculty are strongly encouraged to post their syllabi in the District learning management system (Canvas).

See the Canvas Guides:

How do I add or edit the Syllabus?

How do I use the Syllabus as an Instructor

Note: Don’t forget to add a link to Butte College’s Academic Policies and Procedures in your syllabus! It is no longer necessary to include all such policies within your syllabus. Please ensure that any outdated District policies and procedures are removed from your syllabus.

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4 thoughts on “Add Your Syllabus”

    • Hi Bettye-Ann,

      Yes, you may attach your syllabus as a file (PDF). However, most faculty find that copying and pasting the text of the syllabus directly into the Syllabus tool in Canvas provides an easy way to access and edit the syllabus content, as well as simplifying access for students (no need to download a file as it is displayed within the browser, and can easily be printed).

      To add the syllabus as text in the Syllabus tool:
      – go to the Syllabus tool
      – click the Edit button
      – copy the text from a Word document, then paste into the textbox provided
      – clean up any text formatting as needed (alignment, spacing, etc.)
      – click Update Syllabus

      To add the syllabus as a PDF file:
      – go to the Syllabus tool
      – click the Edit button
      – in the right sidebar, click the Files tab
      – click Upload a new file, find and select the file from your computer
      – click Upload
      – the filename will be added as a link in the Syllabus text box
      – click Update Syllabus

      I hope this helps.

      / Chris P.
      TMI, Butte College

  1. Hello,

    How can I change the order of items in the Course Summary at the bottom of the Syllabus? I have three assignments all due on January 31, 11:59pm. This is the order in which they are listed on the Course Summary:

    1.4 Quiz
    1.6 Disc
    1.5 TAH

    This makes no sense numerically or alphabetically. I would like to re-order them to match their order of appearance in Module 1.

    Thank you for your time.

    – Christie

    • Hi Christie. That’s a good question. Course Summary items are first organized by Due date, but I’m not sure of the secondary level of organization, since it’s clearly not alphabetical or numeric. I’ll open a Canvas Support case to inquire, and will post an update here, as well as email you. Stay tuned! ;-)

      A workaround might be to stagger the times by one minute, which should order the items accordingly.


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