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Speed Up SpeedGrader!

speedometerSpeedGrader can be an efficient and powerful tool for viewing, annotating, commenting and grading student work.  But a few tweaks can fine tune it for faster instructor performance!


Reuse Frequent Feedback

The Comment Library allows instructors to save and reuse commonly used text feedback in SpeedGrader. As an instructor, you can add new comments and delete existing comments in the Comment Library. Comments you have added to the Comment Library are accessible from each course in which you are enrolled as an instructor.

comment library

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I use the Comment Library in Speedgrader?

Sort Students by Submission Status

Instead of scrolling through a long list, grouping students by Needs Grading, Graded, and No Submission makes it easier to get through a batch of assignments.  

SpeedGrader sorting options

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I sort the student list in SpeedGrader?

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

SpeedGrader has several built-in keyboard shortcuts for navigating.  Mousing around a screen takes time, and a toll on the wrist, so mastering a few simple keyboard shortcuts can make repetitive tasks go faster and hurt less.

SpeedGrader keyboard shortcut list

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I use SpeedGrader?

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