Speed Up SpeedGrader!

speedometerSpeedGrader can be an efficient and powerful tool for viewing, annotating, commenting and grading student work.  But a few tweaks can fine tune it for faster instructor performance!


Sort students by submission status

Instead of scrolling through a long list, grouping students by Needs Grading, Graded, and No Submission makes it easier to get through a batch of assignments.  

SpeedGrader sorting options

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I sort the student list in SpeedGrader?

Use keyboard shortcuts

SpeedGrader has several built-in keyboard shortcuts for navigating.  Mousing around a screen takes time, and a toll on the wrist, so mastering a few simple keyboard shortcuts can make repetitive tasks go faster and hurt less.

SpeedGrader keyboard shortcut list

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I use SpeedGrader?

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