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Add Sample Students To Your Course

people_students_1950s_siloWhen developing and testing a course, sometimes it feels like something is missing… students!

If you would like to populate Grades with some sample names, or get some practice with the Groups tool, it can help to have some fake students to work with.


Enroll Sample Students

  • click People in the course menu
  • click the + People button
  • Copy the list of email addresses below, then Paste them into the Add People textbox in Canvas:


  • Select Student as the Role
  • click Next
  • click Add Users
  • click Done

The following students will now appear wherever student names are displayed or available.

First Name  Last Name
 David   Barkley_SAMPLE
 Jackie   Bronnem_SAMPLE
 Mark   Chung_SAMPLE
 Morgan   Johnson_SAMPLE
 Shannon   Lakefield_SAMPLE
 Kareem   Singh_SAMPLE


NOTE: Sample student email accounts are not monitored.


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