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Receiving A Badge In Canvas

What Is A Badge?

Generic sample digital badgeBadges are “micro-credentials” that provide a digital award as proof of an accomplishment or completion of specific content or tasks.

Digital badges are clickable icons and can contain information about the issuing institution or entity, the date earned, the criteria required to earn the badge, and evidence of meeting the required criteria. 

Badges can be shared on social media sites, added as a link in an email, embedded in an e-portfolio, and elsewhere.

In Canvas, a badge is awarded for successfully meeting the requirements to complete a specific module or a course.


  • Badges are currently only used for professional development for staff and faculty.
  • Badges for student coursework are not currently available.  Please contact the Butte College Academic Senate for more information.

Claim a Badge

Congratulations!  Badges in Canvas are awarded for completing a module requirement in a course.  

You can claim any awarded badges within the Canvas course where it was earned. If you are no longer able to access the course you can still claim the badge from Badgr (see “Claim a Badge in Badgr” below).

Claim a Badge in Canvas 

  1. Go to the Canvas course where the badge was earned.
  2. Click on Badges in the course navigation.
    Badges link in the course menu.

    • If you have not met all criteria for the badge, the badge will appear grayed out on the page.
    • If you have met all criteria to earn the badge, the badge will have a clickable green check.
  3. Hover over the badge and click View Details.
    View Details button appears when cursor hovers over badge
  4. Review the badge information.
    Sample badge details
  5. Download or share your badge.
    • Click Download below the badge icon to download the badge image to your own device.
    • Choose to Share on any of the social media platforms using the links provided.

Claim a Badge in Canvas Badges 

Create a Canvas Badges account to access all of your badges.  If the Canvas course associated with the badge is no longer available, you can still access any past badges from the Canvas Badges web site.

  1. Create a Canvas Badges account.
    IMPORTANT: Use your District email address!  ( *****@butte.edu)
    Screenshot of Badgr create account screen

  2. Log into your new Canvas Badges account.
    Screenshot of Badgr login screen

  3. Access your “Backpack.”
    Screenshot of link to Badgr "backpack"

Share a Badge

Click the Share link from a badge in your Backpack.


Share your badge with a colleague or employer.

You can show someone that you have earned a particular badge by sharing it with them from within Badgr.

Share your badge on social media.

A link to a badge can be shared on various social media platforms directly from Badgr.



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