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Fullscreen Mode

Full screenThe Rich Content Editor (RCE) is a powerful full-featured editor with a range of formatting and media tools, and a built-in accessibility checker.  It also includes a simple Fullscreen option that can dramatically improve the workspace.

Use Fullscreen mode when creating new Pages, or making substantial content edits.  The extra space makes it easier to see more content, and reduces scrolling!

What is Fullscreen Mode?

Fullscreen mode automatically expands the content editor workspace to occupy the entire browser window.  Several Canvas elements are removed from the page, including the Global Navigation sidebar, and the Course Menu.

RCE Fullscreen animated example

How to Enable Fullscreen Mode

  • When in Edit mode in the Rich Content Editor, look for the icons along the bottom-right corner.
  • Click the Fullscreen icon to enable Fullscreen mode.

Rich Content Editor fullscreen button example


NOTE: To exit fullscreen view, press the Esc key on your keyboard, or by clicking the View menu and the Fullscreen option.

RCE Fullscreen mode exit

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I resize the Rich Content Editor as an instructor?

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