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Add A Publisher Integration To Your Course

Laptop with graphics coming out of screenSeveral major textbook publishers provide the ability to integrate their content and services with Canvas courses.  For example, assignments provided by the publisher can be linked from within a Canvas module, and grades from the assignment will be automatically pushed back to the Canvas gradebook.


Enable a publisher integration

  1. Go to Settings, then click the Navigation tab
  2. Find the desired publisher tool in the lower portion of the course menu items
  3. Drag the menu item into the upper portion of the list
  4. Click Save
  5. Click Home to refresh the page and view the new menu item
  6. Click the publisher menu item and proceed as directed.

Add a publisher integration drag-and-drop

Contact your textbook publisher representative if you have questions about the specific features and functions provided with the integration.

If you do not see your publisher listed in the course menu items, please contact TMI.


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