Proctorio (Online Proctoring)

Proctorio is no longer available for general use in all courses.  

Beginning in Wintersession 2021, Proctorio is only available for courses and programs with documented accreditation requirements for proctoring.

If your course/program does not have a legal requirement for proctoring, please review this information on Authentic Assessment.

About Proctorio

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Proctorio integrates with Canvas courses by adding an automated proctoring system that lets the instructor set controls for each exam. 

Proctorio can monitor audio and video, and more.  The Lock Down Options provide a secure browser session, including:

  • prevent web usage
  • prevent new browser tabs
  • limit exam to a single screen
  • disabling printing
  • disable screen grabs
  • prevent redistribution of your exam

Request Proctorio

Example: ENGL 101
Please describe the nature of the proctoring requirement for your course or program. Include links to any online documentation of the proctoring requirement.
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