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Proctorio (Online Proctoring)

Proctorio is no longer available for general use in all courses.  

Proctorio is available for courses and programs with documented accreditation requirements for proctoring.  Faculty may submit a request and the required documentation below.

If your course/program does not have a legal requirement for proctoring, please review this information on Authentic Assessment.

About Proctorio

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Proctorio integrates with Canvas courses by adding an automated proctoring system that lets the instructor set controls for each exam. 

Proctorio can monitor audio and video, and more.  The Lock Down Options provide a secure browser session, including:

  • prevent web usage
  • prevent new browser tabs
  • limit exam to a single screen
  • disabling printing
  • disable screen grabs
  • prevent redistribution of your exam

Learn Proctorio

Courses with a documented requirement for online proctoring (see below) will have Proctorio enabled and available in their course.  See: How do I modify Course Navigation?

Proctorio FAQs

Proctorio Guidebook

Proctorio Instructor Support Center

Proctorio Demo Course
Butte College faculty can self-enroll and take a quiz using Proctorio.

Proctorio Changes
Read about the most current updates and features.

Proctorio Support

Live chat support for Proctorio is available directly within a browser.  If the Proctorio extension is installed, click the shield icon to display support options.

Proctorio extension support access

Proctorio Status
Check the current operational status of Proctorio.

Contact Support
support@proctorio.com or (866) 948-2039


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