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PlayPosit: Interactive Video Assessment

What is PlayPosit?

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PlayPosit is now available by default in all Canvas courses! PlayPosit is an web-based tool offered through CCC TechConnect that allows instructors to prepare video content with accompanying assessment interaction that encourages student engagement by:

  • adding text or image slides to provide context or additional information
  • giving instant feedback on some questions
  • inserting multiple-choice, multiple-answer and fill-in-the blank questions to check for understanding
  • incorporating polling, discussion and reflection questions as students are watching the videos.


How does PlayPosit work?

PlayPosit “bulbs” (video lessons) can be created with videos already on the web (on 3C Media, YouTube, TED, PBS, etc.) or with videos created by instructors using Snagit and/or Camtasia and uploaded to 3C Media. The videos will pause at specific points designated by an instructor and wait for viewers’ to respond.

Bulbs can be embedded in any tool or area of a course in Canvas, and can be used either to simply reinforce content, or as a graded assessment.  Instructors can see students’ answers and receive information about how many times and how much time students spent viewing the videos! Assessment submission scores are automatically recorded in the Canvas Gradebook.

Important Observations

  • PlayPosit can be used two ways within Canvas, with two distinct outcomes:
    • Using the External Tool option in Canvas Assignments = Grades Synced to Canvas Gradebook
    • Using the PlayPosit button in Rich Content Editor = No Grades synced to Canvas Gradebook
  • The “Sync Grades” button does not need to be used to sync with the Canvas Gradebook.


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4 thoughts on “PlayPosit: Interactive Video Assessment”

  1. Hi, I tried to link Zoom to PlayPosit, but it wouldn’t let me. It says that with the membership that I have, I cannot connect it to Zoom. Does anyone know how I can get full membership for PlayPosit through Califonia community colleges website?
    Thank you.

    • As far as I know, the Zoom integration with PlayPosit is not actually available for ConferZoom accounts at this time. We have contacted CCC TechConnect to inquire, and have Zoom removed as a video source if it is not functional.
      Moreover, Zoom is typically used for synchronous interaction with students, and not recommended for recording lectures or lessons for later use. Instead, consider a media recording tool such as Snagit or Camtasia, and 3C Media for hosting (a supported video source in PlayPosit). I hope this helps!

      • I prefer recording in Camtasia for all content that is recycled from semester to semester but lots of faculty like recording in Zoom since the rendering and file management is taken care of for you making for a much faster work flow. For my synchronous videos that I record in zoom I would love to add a table of contents with playposit to make them a little easier to navigate for the students who are watching the recordings.


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