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Add Office 365 To A Canvas Course

Office 365 logoFaculty can integrate Office 365 tools directly into a Canvas course, enabling a variety of features:

  • Students can submit OneDrive files directly to Canvas Assignments
  • Access OneDrive documents through SpeedGrader
  • Include OneDrive documents in Modules
  • Link or embed OneDrive documents anywhere within the Content Editor
  • Create Collaborations for the course, or student groups, using Word, Excel or Powerpoint

REMEMBER: Your Office 365 documents must meet accessibility standards.  

How to Add Office 365

  1. In the course, go to Settings 
  2. Click the Apps tab (top of page)
    Settings > Apps tab
  3. Scroll or use the search filter to find Office 365

  4. Click the Office 365 item, then click +Add App
    Office 365 > add App

    You will be prompted for a “Consumer Key” and a “Shared Secret.”  Use the link below to retrieve this information.

    Offce 365 Add App - enter Key and Secret

    Get Your
    Key and Secret

    NOTE: Be sure to record these codes for future use.  They can be used in multiple courses.


  5. Copy the codes provided, and paste them into the corresponding fields.  Click Add App.

  6. Refresh the page (or navigate elsewhere) to view the Office 365 course menu item.

NOTE: The course menu item can be visible or hidden to students without removing other Office 365 options elsewhere in the course.

Office365 Integration Support


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