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New Semester – Adjust Dates

Harold Lloyd hanging from clock tower.Dates are an important part of any course, and must be updated to reflect the timing and schedule of a new semester.  Due dates indicate submissions deadlines, and Availability dates enforce student access based on instructor preference.

Canvas at Butte College includes Adjust-All, a third-party tool that adds the ability to manage and adjust dates throughout a Canvas course from a single page.

What Can Adjust-All Do?

Adjust-All includes a variety of features, most of which are available from the main page, and can by applied to multiple course items at once.

TIP: Adjust-All is especially useful for BULK actions!

  • edit Due dates
  • edit Availability dates
  • edit Module lock dates
  • change any dates for Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes and Announcements
  • bulk Publish or Unpublish modules and content items
  • bulk Delete items

How do I access Adjust-All?

Faculty can enable Adjust-All in their course menu by going to Settings > Navigation.

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I manage Course Navigation links?

Once it has been enabled, Adjust-All is available can be accessed from the Course Menu.  The instructor can choose to disable it when no longer needed.

screenshot, Adjust-All

NOTE: The Adjust-All course menu item is NOT visible to students.

How do I use Adjust-All?

Adjust-All is relatively easy to use, and includes a variety of features.  Review the complete User Guide for instructions on how to access and apply these features. 

See the User Guide:

Adjust-All User Guide


9 thoughts on “New Semester – Adjust Dates”

    • Jim,
      It looks like the items listed in the Course Summary are Calendar entries. You can modify these by clicking each one to modify (or delete) an event in the Calendar.

      Hope this helps!

  1. I don’t see an “Adjust All” link anywhere in the course menu. The “Adjust All” link is pictured here right above the “Settings” link. Has it been moved?

    • Hi Tanya,
      The Adjust-All tool may need to be enabled in your course by going to Settings > Navigation. I’ve updated the article to reflect this, as well as added links to some more detailed support resources.

  2. Thanks, I found it and enabled it. I was hoping that the “Adjust All” would adjust the due dates from fall semester for spring semester, so that the due dates from week one in fall would change to week one for this semester. It only seems to be able to move dates from one day of the week to another, at least in bulk.

  3. I am having problems moving assignment due dates via drag-and-drop in the Canvas calendar. When I drag an assignment and drop it into a new date it just disappears. Upon refreshing the page, the assignment reappears in the original date.

    I am successful at moving manually produced calendar entries. For example, I number each week and place that info in the calendar — these entries move perfectly.

    The “Adjust All” tool works fine but, for some tasks, the calendar is a better tool for changing dates.

    I have had this problem in both Safari and Chrome on my Mac.

    • When I attempt to change a due date by clicking on the assignment through the calendar and editing it, Canvas throws an error with a red rectangle at the top of the screen. No words are included in the red rectangle to describe the error.

      • Hi Dave. Does this occur with ALL assignment due dates? And even in multiple courses? If so, that sounds like a case for Canvas Support. The 24/7 Chat can sometimes be busy, but they will get back to you!


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