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Meetings (Zoom)

About Meetings

Zoom logo and company nameInstructors can create and manage class meetings without leaving Canvas!  This integrated Canvas tool is available to the entire California Community Colleges (CCC) system. 

  • Meetings are for synchronous class meetings
    (all participants online together)
  • Instructors schedule meetings
  • Students attend meetings
  • Meetings appear on the Canvas Calendar

Meetings can be used for:

  • Instructor lectures
  • Facilitated group discussions
  • Small group breakout discussions
  • Student presentations
  • Drop-in instructor support

NOTE: Meetings is automatically available in all Canvas courses.  

Schedule a Class Meeting

A class meeting is available to all students enrolled in the course.  

When scheduling a class meeting, consider:

  • The name or topic of the meeting
  • The date/time of the meeting, and duration
  • Will this meeting occur once, or is it recurring?
  • Any adjustments to default meeting settings?

To schedule a new class meeting:

  1. Click Meetings
  2. Click Schedule a New Meeting
  3. Enter meeting details
  4. Click Save



Promote a Class Meeting

Once a class meeting has been scheduled, students can be notified about how to join the meeting. Instructors can share a link to the meeting in an Announcement, on a Page, etc.

REMEMBER: Students can also join scheduled class meetings from the Canvas Calendar.

To share a link to an upcoming class meeting:

  1. Click Meetings
  2. Under Upcoming Meetings, click the meeting Topic
  3. Copy the “Join URL” and share with students
    (paste the URL into an Announcement, message, email, etc.)



Edit a Class Meeting

Class meeting settings and options can be edited after the meeting has been scheduled, before it has started.

To edit an upcoming class meeting:

  1. Click Meetings
  2. Under Upcoming Meetings, click the meeting Topic
  3. Click Edit this Meeting (page bottom)
  4. Make changes
  5. Click Save



Start a Class Meeting

Instructors can start scheduled class meetings from the Upcoming Meetings tab. 

To start an upcoming class meeting:

  1. Click Meetings
  2. Under Upcoming Meetings, find the scheduled meeting
  3. Click “Start”
  4. Follow the prompts to launch the Zoom application



Access Meeting Recordings

  1. Click Meetings
  2. Under Cloud Recordings, click the meeting Topic
  3. Choose from Play, Download and Share options



Schedule Appointment Blocks

Instructors can schedule appointment blocks to be reserved by students for private “office hour” Zoom meetings. 

See the Appointments tool for more information.


Further Considerations

Faculty should be aware of the limitations of planning synchronous (real-time) meetings to replace class-time. Do not assume that all students have the minimum technology, internet connectivity, or time availability for synchronous meetings. Zoom is best used to make optional opportunities for meetings or reviewing with an instructor. Consider polling your students for optimal results!

Looking to create lecture focused video content for use in Canvas? TMI recommends the use of Canvas Studio.

For guidance on creating pre-recorded video content for use in Canvas, please Request an Appointment with TMI staff. There are several options, such as using Canvas Studio or Snagit/Camtasia to easily embed video within Canvas.

More Support

See the TechConnect Zoom Support Guides:

Instructor – Overview

Instructor – Schedule Meetings

Instructor – Reports

Instructor – Hosting Meetings


PLEASE NOTE: TMI provides faculty support for the TechConnect Zoom tools (Meetings and Appointments) integration within Canvas, but NOT for the Zoom application. 

For support with the Zoom application, please see CCC TechConnect Zoom Support.

All district employees already have a Zoom account, which will be used with Meetings and Appointments in Canvas.

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