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Gradebook Filters

What Are Gradebook Filters?

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Filters let you choose what YOU want to see in the Gradebook.  

The typical gradebook contains dozens of students, and  many weeks of assignments.  But how often do you need to see everything in the gradebook?  Most of the time in the gradebook is spent focused on particular students, or assignments, or a period of time.

Gradebook Filters make it easier to keep track of student work and assign grades more efficiently.  View grades by assignment type, or for a specific module, or a single section in a combined course, or all of the above!  Keep an eye on student progress by sorting assignments and grades to spot trends where students might need extra help by watching for missing or late submissions.

Gradebook Filters include:

  • Sections
  • Modules
  • Assignment Groups
  • Student Groups
  • Assignment Status
  • and more

How To Use Filters

Watch the following short video for an overview of using Gradebook filters.


See the Canvas Guide:

How do I Use Enhanced Gradebook Filters?


Filter Examples

Instructors can easily apply one or more filters to quickly display a custom view of the Gradebook containing only the students and assignments they need.

NOTE: These examples include the use of Assignment Groups, which are created and managed by the instructor.  More information on using Assignment Groups can be found here:  How do I add an assignment group in a course?


EXAMPLE: Discussion for the current module


EXAMPLE: All ungraded Homework assignments:


EXAMPLE: Students who have not taken quizzes:


Save Filter Presets

Frequently used filters can be saved for easy access later, without the need to redefine parameters.


See the Canvas Guide:

How do I create and manage filters in the Gradebook?


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