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Excuse An Assignment

Dog eating paper homeworkThere are a variety of reasons and instructor may need to excuse a student from a particular assignment.

How to Excuse an Assignment

To excuse an assignment, simply enter EX for the grade, and that assignment will be ignored for that student.

NOTE: The assignment points possible will be omitted from the student’s Total.

Gradebook example of entering EX for Excused assignment


See the Canvas Guide:

How do I excuse an assignment for a student in the Gradebook?

2 thoughts on “Excuse An Assignment”

  1. How does excusing a student affect the point totals in a course?

    Let’s say a student has accumulated 900 points (out of 1000 for the semester) and the last test is worth 100 points. What happens if the student is excused from that test? How is the grade calculated?

    • Hi Dan,

      An excused assignment will exempt those points from the total points possible for that student, thus adjusting their overall grade (percent and letter) accordingly. In your scenario, if the student has earned 900 points out of 1000, and the 100 point test is excused, they would then have 100%.


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