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Embed YouTube Video In Canvas

logo_YouTube_medInstructors can embed most YouTube videos directly into their Canvas courses for ease of access by students.

This be a powerful teaching and learning tool, and embedding the video directly in your course puts the content within the course context, eliminating the many distractions on the YouTube web site.

Embed A YouTube Video

Simply paste the complete URL of the YouTube video, and a thumbnail and embedded player will be added automatically.  This can be done anywhere the Content Editor is available (Pages, Assignment instructions, Announcements, Quiz question, etc.)


Keep in mind that the link also provides access to the video on YouTube.com, where the student is taken out of the course context, and subjected to various distractions on the YouTube web site.

See the Canvas Guides:

How do I embed video in the Rich Content Editor?
Use the Insert/Edit Media tool to easily add video directly to the content editor.

How do I create a hyperlink in the Rich Content Editor?
Add a web link within the Content Editor


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