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Duplicate Content Items

Duplicate stampDid you know many content items in Canvas can easily be copied?  Instructors can use the Duplicate feature to make quick copies of existing content, such as pages, discussions and assignments.


One of the most effective ways to use Duplicate is by developing simple templates for commonly used content items.

Create a single Page or Assignment with basic headings, instructions and other common elements, then use Duplicate to create a copy and customize as needed.  This can improve consistency in your content, and provide a more efficient workflow.

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I duplicate a module item?

3 thoughts on “Duplicate Content Items”

  1. I wish we could duplicate, or copy, quiz questions in a quiz bank, to quickly make many different versions of the same question. You can send a copy of a question into another quiz bank, and then I guess go into that bank and copy it back into the original bank . . . but is there an easier way to copy a quiz question when writing questions in a quiz bank?

    • Hi Melody,

      Alas, there is no quick way to simply duplicate a question in a Question Bank (unlike other content item types). While a bit clunky, I think the easiest solution is what you described. Create a second bank, then copy the “template” question into it repeatedly. You can then use the Move Multiple Questions feature to move the modified questions back into the original bank, if needed.

  2. Agreed Melody! Many times we want to change the questions but use the same options. If nothing else, an easier way to bulk upload questions would be nice from a word or txt file. But I digress on this topic…

    I do like the idea of creating discussion templates. thanks for the tip!



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