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Delete Unused Courses!

Abandoned carFaculty have the ability to create new Canvas course shells for course development and experimentation. 

These courses are often temporary in nature, and never used with students.  Over time, they can accumulate and should be deleted if no longer needed.

Have you checked your Courses list in Canvas lately?  If you have old and unused courses, take a few minutes to clean house and remove the clutter.

Any course that you created (using the Start a New Course option), you can also delete.

NOTE: Official scheduled courses cannot be deleted.

Review Your Courses

  1. Click Courses in the side navigation menu
  2. Click All Courses

How To Delete A Course

Deleting a course is quick and easy:

  1. In the course to be deleted, go to Settings
  2. Click Delete this Course (right side of page)
  3. Confirm

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I permanently delete a course?


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