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Customize Assignment Availability

Gradable content (Assignments, Quizzes and Discussions) can be assigned only to a specific student, or groups of students. 

Use the Assign To option to indicate which students can access the assignment.  The default is for “Everyone,” which makes the assignment available to all students in the course (including merged multiple sections).

Instructors can manage the availability of an assignment for multiple students or groups of students.

What Does “Assign To” Do?

Students included in the Assign To field will see:

  • the published assignment (wherever it is available)
  • Due and Availability dates
  • grade information in the Gradebook
  • assignment information in the To Do list, notifications, etc. 

Students who are not included will not see evidence of the assignment in the course.

Additional dates can be applied to specific students.


Using the Assign To fields

“Assign To” Examples

The default is assigned to all students (“Everyone”).

The initial Due and Availability dates are applied to all students by default.  If there are no exceptions to these dates, there is nothing more to do.

Extend access for a specific student(s).

Use the +Add option to apply separate Due and/or Availability dates for a student to allow them extended access to the assignment.  Multiple students can be included, if necessary.

Use the Add option to add customized settings for specific students.

Assign different dates for each section in a merged course. 

Each section can have a different Due date, which includes the application of Late status, and relevant notifications.

Example of sections in the Assign to field


See the Canvas Guide:

How do I assign an assignment to an individual student?




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