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Copy Course Content

Image of ink stamped word IMPORTCopying content (anything you build in a course) is an essential task when using Canvas.

An instructor will always need to copy content from one course to another for a variety of reasons.  Copying content from one semester to the next is essential, and the ability to make changes quickly and copy updates to multiple courses is helpful whether developing or teaching a course using Canvas.

Reasons To Copy Content

Common scenarios for importing content from another course:

  • The course is mostly the same as last semester, and you don’t want to recreate everything.
  • You are teaching a new class, and have been working on content in a development course.  Now you need to copy it to an official course for students.
  • An instructor has offered to share some of their content with you, and you would like to take a look at it before using it in your own courses.

There are several ways to copy content items from one course to another.  Instructors should be familiar with each method, as they can be useful in different situations.

Copy All or Some of a Course

This feature includes the option to import either an entire course, or multiple specific content items.
USEFUL FOR: Copying many content items at once, or an entire course.

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I copy content from another Canvas course using the Course Import tool?


Copy One Content Item at a Time

This feature includes “Copy To“, which will quickly copy a specific content item from one course into another, with an option to specify where to place it.
USEFUL FOR:  A quick and easy way to copy individual items to another course.

Animation of content Copy To feature

See the Canvas Guide:

Copy Content – Direct Share


Duplicate a Content Item

This feature creates a copy of a content item in the same course.  The content can then be modified to be used elsewhere.
USEFUL FOR: Multiple items with similar qualities (instructions, settings, etc.).

Animation of content Duplicate option

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I duplicate a module item?


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