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ConferZoom for Canvas

Schedule Zoom Meetings in Canvas

CCC TechConnect ZoomBased on the popular Zoom platform, and branded as TechConnect Zoom for the entire California Community Colleges (CCC) system, Zoom is supported by CCC TechConnect.

TMI provides faculty support for the ConferZoom LTI (within Canvas), as opposed to Zoom itself. ConferZoom is a scheduling utility for use within Canvas.

For support with Zoom, please see CCC TechConnect Zoom Support.

Faculty should be aware of the limitations of planning synchronous (real-time) meetings to replace class-time. Do not assume that all students have the minimum technology, internet connectivity, or time availability for synchronous meetings. Zoom is best used to make optional opportunities for meetings or reviewing with an instructor. Consider polling your students for optimal results!

Looking to create lecture focused video content for use in Canvas? TMI recommends the use of Canvas Studio.

For guidance on creating pre-recorded video content for use in Canvas, please Request an Appointment with TMI staff. There are several options, such as using Canvas Studio or Snagit/Camtasia with TechConnect Cloud (3C Media) to easily embed video within Canvas.

The ConferZoom feature within Canvas is a scheduling tool for Zoom. It’s primary functions are:

  • Event Calendar (scheduling and accessing class meetings)
  • Appointment Booking (scheduling and accessing one-on-one meetings or office hours)
  • Attendance & Event Recordings

Get Started With TechConnect Zoom

  1. Register for a TechConnect Zoom account
    DO NOT obtain a “free account” at the official Zoom site at zoom.us or use a personal Zoom account.
  2. Log In to TechConnect Zoom, update your account password, set up your profile and review account settings.
  3. Download Zoom and log in.
  4. Join a Test Meeting  Take a moment to test your Zoom setup.
  5. Ensure that you understand the importance of security in Zoom for privacy concerns. Use of the Waiting Room feature is recommended.
  6. Watch the below overview video from TechConnect (highly recommended).
Overview Video
Watch an overview of ConferZoom and its features.
  • Many campus departments use Zoom daily for group and individual meetings.
  • Optional features like screen-sharing and chat, make Zoom an essential tool.
  • Questions? Please contact CCC TechConnect Support for assistance.


Ensure Accurate Captioning

Captioning is an important part of using video in higher education, and is required by law.  Zoom recordings automatically have a speech-to-text transcript generated, with varying degrees of accuracy based on the content.  Faculty are encouraged to edit the transcript for accuracy.

See: How do I edit the audio transcript for a Zoom recording?


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Using TechConnect Zoom with Canvas

After you have done the above steps, you’re ready to enable TechConnect Zoom within any Canvas course, and use with students. Please note that the “ConferZoom” tool is essentially a scheduling tool for TechConnect Zoom within Canvas.

  1. Access Settings in the Course Menu in any of your Canvas courses, and then choose Navigation. Locate ConferZoom and enable it. Scroll down and click Save. Read more…
  2. Access the ConferZoom link in your Course Menu. Your name will appear in the top right corner. This is a one-time process.
  3. Schedule a group meeting or study/review session, or even a recurring series. Review the ConferZoom & Canvas Guides.
  4. Facilitate office hours with students, using the new Appointment Booking feature.
  5. Learn more about options for Inviting Students to a Meeting.

Using ConferZoom with Other Platforms



Students: Invitees & Participants

Individual students do not need to create a Zoom account per the above steps. If a student joins a TechConnect Zoom meeting from within their instructor’s course in Canvas, they will be prompted to download the Zoom software, and then join the meeting. 


Zoom Support Resources

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