CCC Accessibility Center Help Desk

Accessibility means ensuring that all users can benefit from the same content, regardless of their individual abilities.  But making content accessible can be complicated and confusing, and even with a wide range of available resources, sometimes it’s helpful to have someone to ask.

The CCC Accessibility Center is here to help!

“The CCC Accessibility Center Help Desk provides answers and information regarding web accessibility issues common to California Community Colleges.  Ask questions about web sites, online videos, web applications, or mobile app accessibility to get a response from accessibility subject matter experts.”

Examples of accessibility questions could include:

  • What is the purpose of headings in a web page and should I include them?
  • When is it appropriate to not include a text description for an image?
  • How do I support accessibility for mobile devices?
  • What steps should I follow to include captions for YouTube videos?
  • How can I check accessibility in my Word documents?

Visit the:
CCC Accessibility Center Help Desk




The CCC system has also made brief self-paced trainings available via the Vision Resource Center and self-paced courses via Canvas. All employees of the District are encouraged to explore these valuable resources.

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