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Category - Course Management

New Semester – Canvas Checklist

Each new semester brings changes.  After copying over content from a previous semester, take the time to go through your courses and update any old or irrelevant information, clarify things that might have generated questions last semester, remove unused or unwanted content, fix typos, and generally make improvements. 
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How To “Publish” A Course

A course can either be "Published" or "Unpublished," as determined by the instructor.  When official courses are first created, they are not in a Published state.  Instructors with course content should Publish the course prior to student access.
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Give Someone Access To Your Course

Faculty may wish to provide access to a Canvas course to other instructors, administrators or staff to their course for a variety of reasons.  Please keep in mind that official enrollments are handled automatically, so there is no need to add instructors or students who are already assigned/enrolled in a course.
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Course Access Dates

Official courses in Canvas are automatically set to begin on the first scheduled day of class at 7am, and conclude three weeks past the last scheduled day of class. Faculty may adjust dates to allow early access for students, if needed.
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