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Category - Grading

Excuse An Assignment

Instructors sometimes need to excuse a student from a particular assignment, so that it does not count toward the final grade. 
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Speed Up SpeedGrader!

SpeedGrader can be an efficient and powerful tool for viewing, annotating, commenting and grading student work.  But a few tweaks can fine tune it for faster instructor performance!
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Grade Missing Assignments Automatically

Canvas automatically generates a running total of each student's current grade.  However, this only includes assignments that have a grade entered.  If no grade is entered, the assignment is not counted in the Total grade calculation, which can lead to students misunderstanding their current grade.
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View Gradebook History

Instructors can view a complete record* of every grade entered and changed by accessing the Gradebook History.  The log can be filtered by student, grader, assignment, and date.
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