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Canvas Studio

What Is Studio?

Canvas Studio is a video creation and engagement tool that allows instructors and students to actively create and collaborate through video and audio media.

Studio is built into Canvas.  It is available in several course tools, and can be used for a variety of purposes, including a simple presentation, interactive assessment, collaborative discussion, and more.  Video can be recorded from a webcam or a screen capture (or both!), or uploaded from an existing file.

Features include:

  • Faculty and students can easily record webcam and screencast video within Canvas, or upload media files.

  • Faculty can create and manage a library of videos for use in Canvas.

  • Instructors can add Studio media to Assignments, Discussions, and Pages.

  • Faculty can add quiz questions within videos; students respond while viewing; results go to the Gradebook.

  • Faculty can create discussion activities based on video content (prompts and posts relate to specific points in the video)

  • Instructors can access analytics with individual usage statistics for each student.

  • Videos can be automatically captioned and the captions can be easily edited.

Example of Studio interface.


Recording in Studio

Studio provides options for recording the screen, a webcam, or both simultaneously.


Ensure Accurate Captioning

Captioning is an important part of using video in Canvas, and is required by law.  After uploading video to Studio, you must request to have speech-to-text captioning generated.  Accuracy varies, depending on the content.
The automated captioning must be reviewed and edited (if needed) for accuracy.


Learn About Studio

Studio includes many features and options, and can be utilized in a course in a wide range of situations.  Take time to learn the basics of what Studio is, how it works, and what you can do with it.




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