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Add SLOs To Your Course

Word cloud: outcomes, student, assessment, etc.Faculty can associate specific student learning outcomes (SLO) with course activities and assignments.

Course level SLOs can be found in the course outline, and should be included verbatim in the course syllabus.


Use the following tips to indicate which SLOs are associated with an assignment or activity in Canvas.

How To Indicate SLOs

The simplest way to associate an SLO with an assignment is to include it in the assignment title.  This can be done at any time during the semester.



By including the SLO in the assignment title, it will be included as a part of grade justifications and the course record.

SLO Resources

Find your SLOs

End-of-Term SLO Reporting Requirements

SLO Reporting Forms and Examples

Learn more about SLOs at Butte College


6 thoughts on “Add SLOs To Your Course”

  1. It seems like students might be confused by this additional level of detail in an assignment title. Do you think it is adequate to include this information in the assignment description area instead of the title?


    • Mike,
      Yes, SLO designations in an assignment title may appear cryptic to students. However, At the moment this is the only option for associating outcomes and assignments that can be included in grade justification reporting requirements. The assignment instructions (the larger text box on the assignment page) are not included, nor are SLOs indicated using the actual Outcomes tool in Canvas.

      TMI, IT, and OSLED are working on a method to improve the process of retrieving grade justification data from Canvas, so we may be able to reduce this point of confusion in the future.

  2. I have two questions about this:

    Does every assignment, quiz, and test need to have SLOs in the title?

    And can I use letters to identify SLOs, like this: (SLO C, F, G) or do they have to be numbers?


    • Scott,

      Not every assignment needs SLO’s associated. However, I believe that every SLO does need to be associated with at least one assignment. The tutorial uses numbers in the example, but some courses use letters, which is equally acceptable.

  3. Is there any way to have a second option for showing SLOs in assignment titles, such as having a matrix in one of my Canvas modules that reconciles each item with an SLO? In a couple of my classes, I integrate with McGraw-Hill Connect, and each time the gradebook syncs, the titles reset to the default in Connect (which I can’t change). It would be disappointing if I have to revert to more time-consuming manual grade reporting with spreadsheets just because of the SLO title requirement. Everything else in my Canvas courses is 100% compliant with this requirement. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Hi Lisa. An interesting issue! Keep in mind that not every assignment is required to have SLO designation, only that every SLO needs to be represented somewhere in the course. Depending on the number of Connect assignments, you might be able to simply omit the SLOs for those assignments. However, I’ll check with the Office Of Instruction for some guidance on how to handle this situation (there are surely others with the same issue). ~ Chris


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