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New Analytics – Online Attendance

The New Analytics tool in Canvas includes an Attendance feature, providing the instructor with data and insight on student online participation.  This tool is primarily used for tracking participation in an online course. 

NOTE: For tracking attendance in the classroom, please see the Roll Call Attendance tool.


Attendance Criteria

The Canvas Attendance tool includes the following criteria:

  • Course Access: Student views a page in a course.
  • Posts: Student posts a new reply to a discussion or announcement.
  • Assignments: Student submits an assignment.
  • Collaborations: Student loads a collaboration to view/edit document.
  • Quizzes: Student begins or submits a quiz.

Student participation in any of these activities will constitute “attendance.”

Access Student Online Attendance

Instructors access Canvas Attendance data from the New Analytics tool in the course menu*, then clicking the Online Attendance tab.

Course navigation menu with New Analytics highlighted

*Don’t see it in your class?  Enable it in the course navigation menu (SEE: Manage Course Navigation Links).

View Online Attendance Details

Attendance data is displayed for all students by week, but can be filtered to show specific students and date ranges.

Canvas Attendance sample screenshot


See the Canvas Guide:

New Analytics: Canvas Attendance


8 thoughts on “New Analytics – Online Attendance”

  1. The old tool was useful to record in-class attendance. It appears the new tool cannot be configured to manually report in-class attendance. This would be helpful since we are required to take attendance. Could you consider turning back on the old tool for those of us that used it since the new tool does not meet the original need. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the update; it’s a bummer though, because we used Roll Call Attendance to take physical attendance while at the same time learning names with the seating chart feature. If there is anyway to get Roll Call back, that would be great.

  3. I also used the roll call attendance in my f2f courses and am VERY disappointed this feature was removed…like the others, I would love to see it come back to Canvas!!!

  4. I am sorry to see the option for the attendance is unavailable to use in the face to face format. This was an easy tool to use. Would love to see it come back if possible.

  5. All: Due to faculty response, the Roll Call Attendance tool will be reenabled in Canvas. It was apparent that many instructors rely on the manual features of Roll Call, whereas the new Attendance feature in Analytics is more oriented to online courses and student participation.

  6. The Attendance button is back on my Canvas. Yay! Unfortunately, though, I’m getting a weird message:

    “The OAuth signature was invalid. Please be sure you are launching this tool from the link provided in Canvas.”

    Has anyone else come across this issue? Is there a solution we can do, or do we need Chris/Dave’s help?


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