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Canvas Accessibility Checker

Accessibility iconAccessibility is an important part of using Canvas.  Any content you create or include needs to be accessible to all students, including those using assistive technologies.

The Accessibility Checker built into the Canvas content editor makes it easy to detect and correct the most common accessibility issues, such as missing text headings, alternative text for images, and color contrast.

NOTE: Only checks content created in the Canvas content editor.  Uploaded files and external resources must be examined separately.

Use The Accessibility Checker

To use the Accessibility Checker, simply click the icon in the toolbar to examine the content in the editor. 

This is available anywhere the content editor is used (Pages, Assignment instructions, Discussion posts, Quiz questions, Announcements, etc.).

Accessibility Checker icon in Rich Content Editor


A sidebar will appear with information about each issue, why it is important, and options for correcting it.

Content Editor Accessibility Checker flyout with info


Some issues are easy to fix immediately, such as adding ALT text for images, correcting heading styles, and adding table headings.  Others may require more thought and even outside assistance.

Please contact TMI with questions about making your Canvas course content accessible.

For general questions about accessibility, visit:

CCC Accessibility Center Help Desk

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I use the Accessibility Checker in the Rich Content Editor?


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