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Appointments (Zoom)

About Appointments

Appointments lets the instructor schedule and manage blocks of time for individual meetings with students.  

  • Instructor specifies a block of time and meeting slots
  • Students reserve slots
  • Instructor and student meet 1-on-1 in Zoom

Appointments can be used for:

  • instructor office hours
  • private support for projects or homework
  • personalized feedback

NOTE: Appointments is not enabled in courses by default.  The instructor must enable the tool in course Navigation.
( How do I manage Course Navigation links? )

See the Support Guide:

Appointment Booking – Instructor Guide


Pair Your Account


When using Appointments for the first time, please confirm your account is paired correctly:

In the Appointments tool:

  1. Click Account Settings (top right)
  2. Click Conferencing Accounts

If you get a green checkmark, your account is paired.

Do not click “Reassociate my account”Example of first time user sync of accounts.

If there is no green checkmark, the account is not paired! 

Contact TechConnect Support for assistance.


Create an Appointment Block

The instructor creates a single or recurring block of multiple appointment “slots,” available for student reservations.  

  • An appointment block can be scheduled for a single occurrence, or recurring Daily or Weekly.
  • The instructor sets the duration of appointment slots.
  • The instructor can include a break time between slots.
  • Appointment blocks can be available to a single course, or all of an instructor’s courses.

To create an appointment block:

  1. Click Appointments
  2. Click Offer Slots
  3. Enter appointment block settings
  4. Click Save 



Promote an Appointment Block

The instructor can direct students to the Appointments tool, to find available blocks and reserve specific slots.

Instructors can also provide students with a link to the following guide:

Canvas – Appointment Booking – Student Guide

Reserve a Slot For a Student

Instructors have the option to reserve an appointment slot for a specific student.

To reserve a slot for a student:

  1. Synchronize User List FIRST  (NOTE: re-synch to include any late Adds)

  2. Click the Appointment Booking tab, then click the desired slot (+)
  3. Click “Student to reserve for: to select a student.

  4. Click Reserve Appointment.

More Support

See the TechConnect Zoom Support Guides:

Instructor – Appointments Overview

Instructor – Offer and Manage Appointments

Instructor – Appointment Notifications

Instructor – Appointment Reports


PLEASE NOTE: TMI provides faculty support for the TechConnect Zoom tools (Meetings and Appointments) integration within Canvas, but NOT for the Zoom application. 

For support with the Zoom application, please see CCC TechConnect Zoom Support.

All district employees already have a Zoom account, which will be used with Meetings and Appointments in Canvas.


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