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Zoom Appointments

IMPORTANT: The older “Appointments” (Student Connect) course tool will be disabled on June 30, 2024.

Comparison chart of differences between Student Connect and Zoom Appointments.

About Zoom Appointments

Zoom logo and company nameZoom Appointments lets the instructor schedule and manage blocks of time for individual meetings with students.  

  • Instructor schedules a block of time and meeting slots
  • Students reserve appointments
  • Instructor and student meet 1-on-1 in Zoom

Appointments can be used for:

  • instructor office hours
  • private support for projects or homework
  • personalized feedback

Create Appointments

The instructor creates a single or recurring schedule of multiple appointment “slots,” available for student reservations.  

  • An appointment schedule can occur once, or repeat weekly.
  • The instructor sets the duration of appointment slots.
  • Appointment schedules can be available to a single course, or all of an instructor’s courses.

To create a Bookable Schedule:

  1. Click the Appointments tab
  2. Click + Create Schedule
  3. Select Bookable Schedule options
  4. Click Create 


Screenshot of Zoom Appointments tab

Screenshot of Zoom Appointments bookable schedule options


PLEASE NOTE: TMI provides faculty support for Zoom integration within Canvas, but NOT for the Zoom application.

All district employees already have a Zoom account, which will be used with Meetings in Canvas.

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