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Add Flip to a Course

About Flip

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Flip (formerly “Flipgrid”) is a free video-based platform used to provide engaging online conversations and discussions for students and instructors. 

Flip can be integrated into a Canvas course to connect assignments to Flip topics.  Adding video discussions can create a more personal sense of connection between students, and expand the possibilities for understanding of the course content and interacting with peers.


Examples of Flip Activities

Including video discussion activities adds a “humanizing” element to online courses.  Flip can be used for a variety of course activities as a way for students to express themselves and interact with their classmates, and the instructor.  

“Icebreaker Discussion”
As an early class activity, a video discussion can provide a personal introduction to the instructor and classmates by asking each person to share a brief anecdote or story that is somehow related to the course (or not).  Video introductions can create a more intimate experience and increase a welcoming sense of community.

“Wisdom Wall”
At the end of the class, students are asked to briefly share something they would like to convey to future students who are just beginning.  Study tips, useful tools and resources, or just general encouragement from past students can help new students feel more confident and comfortable getting started in the course.

“Reflection Journals”
Students are asked to create regular video logs (vlogs) where they reflect on their learning experiences, course material, or personal growth related to the course as an alternative to reflective writing assignments. The video format can make the process more engaging and personal, and allows instructors to gain insights into students’ thought processes and understanding.

“Peer Review and Feedback”
Students can upload presentations, projects, or other assignments to Flip, and their peers provide constructive feedback through video responses. This can help students improve their work based on peer feedback, and develop their skills in critically analyzing and providing constructive criticism as an alternative to traditional written feedback.


How to Add Flip

Requires a Flip account

Integrating Flip into a Canvas course involves steps in your Flip account, and in the course:

STEP 1. Create a Flip Integration

  1. Log in to your Flip.com account
  2. Click the account icon (upper-right)
  3. Click Integrations
  4. Click “+ Create a new Canvas Integration”
    NOTE: Name the integration for the course in which it will be used.
  5. Prepare to copy/paste the “Consumer Key” and “Shared Secret”


STEP 2. Add the Flip App

  1. In the Canvas course, click Settings
  2. Click the Apps tab
  3. Click View App Center
  4. Search for “Flip”
  5. Click the Flip icon
  6. Click + Add App
  7. Copy/Paste the “Consumer Key” and “Shared Secret”
     (found on the Canvas Integration page in your Flip account)
  8. Click Add App


STEP 3. Create a Flip Assignment

  1. In the Canvas course, click Assignments
  2. Click + Assignment
  3. Enter assignment details
    1. For “Submission Type” choose “External Tool
    2. Click Find
    3. Scroll down and click Flip
    4. Click Select
    5. Save the assignment (Publish when ready)


NOTE: Once the assignment has been created, launch it and click the link to Flip to test the connection.


Resources and Support

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