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Accessibility Guide

About the Accessibility Guide

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The Accessibility Guide is an accessibility evaluation tool for Canvas content created in the Rich Content Editor (RCE).

The California Community Colleges Accessibility Center has licensed the “PopeTech Instructor Accessibility Guide” for the Canvas LMS platform, and it has already been installed within Canvas at Butte College.

This is an additional tool for instructors to utilize when assessing course content created within Canvas. It does not replace the existing Accessibility Checker feature within Canvas.

The Accessibility Guide:

  • is built into the Canvas content editor
  • is accessed from the icon at the bottom of content in Edit mode
  • can be opened from the Accessibility Dashboard

How to Use the Accessibility Guide

The Accessibility Guide panel provides a summary of errors and warnings, and expandable sections to review details for each item, and opportunities to fix it.

Fix Common Errors and Alerts

View this summary of how common Errors and Alerts are displayed in the Accessibility Guide, how to fix them, as well as why it’s important.


Missing Text Heading Levels

Using text Headings is a simple but powerful way to make your content organized, consistent, structured, and accessible.   Find out how to correct any missing Headings in your content.


Images Missing ALT Text

Images are a common and effective way to convey information, meaning, and emotion, but for users who cannot see the image, they need an alternative.  Find out how to easily add ALT text to images that are missing this important attribute.


Color Contrast Errors

While color can be a useful tool for emphasizing information, it is important to maintain a proper contrast between light and dark text and backgrounds.  The Accessibility Guide makes it easy to identify and correct color contrast problems.


Basic Table Errors

Tables can be used to provide a wide range of information, but they are intended to present data, not a page design, and can be problematic for screen readers.  Use the Accessibility Guide to identify tables that are not accessible, and apply easy fixes.

Resources and Support

Use the following resources to learn more about how to use the Accessibility Guide in your Canvas course.

Get started with the Canvas Accessibility Guide

Read more about the Accessibility Guide and Canvas

PopeTech Accessibility Guide Overview (PDF)


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