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Accessibility Dashboard

“The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”

~ Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web

About the Accessibility Dashboard

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The Accessibility Dashboard is an add-on tool in Canvas.  It provides instructors insight into a wide range of accessibility issues in their course content, as well as easy access to quick fixes and helpful information.

The Accessibility Dashboard:

  • must be enabled by the instructor.
  • is NOT visible to students.
  • scans for content Errors and Alerts.
  • links to the Accessibility Guide for easy fixes.

Enable the Accessibility Dashboard

Screenshot of Accessibility Dashboard course menu itemNOTE: The Accessibility Dashboard must be enabled by the instructor before it is available in the course Navigation menu:

  1. go to course  Settings
  2. click on the Navigation tab
  3. find Accessibility Dashboard and enable it
  4. click Update

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I manage Course Navigation links?

Introduction to the Accessibility Dashboard

The Accessibility Dashboard is a scanning and reporting tool to help faculty see where their course content needs improvement to make it accessible to as many students as possible.  Instructors can see which types of accessibility issues are most common, and specifically where they occur, then jump directly to the Accessibility Guide and apply fixes to the content.

  • Use the Accessibility Dashboard to FIND problems

  • Use the Accessibility Guide to FIX them

Once you have enabled Accessibility Dashboard in your course:

  1. Scan your course content
  2. Review any reported  Errors and Alerts
  3. Use the Accessibility Guide to apply fixes


TIP: Click the Edit icon for a content item to go directly to the Accessibility Guide to fix the content:


Fix Common Errors and Alerts

View this summary of how common Errors and Alerts are displayed in the Accessibility Guide, how to fix them, as well as why it’s important.


Resources and Support

Use the Canvas Accessibility Dashboard

Accessibility Dashboard Course Scanning

Get started with the Canvas Accessibility Guide


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