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Academic Integrity (Unicheck)

NOTE: Unicheck will be replaced by Copyleaks on June 3

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Recorded demonstration, March 27, 2024


NOTE: Unicheck will be replaced by Copyleaks on June 3

Unicheck logoUnicheck is a cloud-based service that identifies similarity and similar submissions by comparing student submitted work against an ever-increasing database of sources.

Each day approximately one million new sources are added based on the topics and sources institutions are using.


Enable Unicheck

Unicheck is already installed and available to instructors in all Canvas courses, within the Assignment tool’s setup options.

You must enable Unicheck in each Assignment:

  • Unicheck within CanvasGo to the assignment
  • Click Edit
  • Select “Text Entry” or “File Upload” assignment types
  • See the Plagiarism Review feature to configure Unicheck options


Use Unicheck

Unicheck can be accessed from within the Canvas SpeedGrader when viewing a student’s submission, as well as the report of sources and other options.

Once you have enabled Unicheck within an Assignment, and students have submitted, you will see two reference points to the Unicheck similarity report.

One of these will be a percentage which indicates the level of the submission that is suspect.

Clicking on either icon will launch the Unicheck Report and corresponding links to suspected sources.

Unicheck within Speedgrader




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