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TechConnect Cloud (3C Media)

TechConnect CloudTechConnect Cloud (3C Media) offers full-featured video hosting services free to all faculty and staff of the California Community Colleges System.
TMI recommends 3C Media for long-term video management.

Ideal for faculty creating video content, including using Snagit and Camtasia!

With an account you can:

  • upload and manage media, create custom playlists
  • share media privately or publicly
  • add video to Canvas (see below)
  • edit auto-captioning for your media
  • and much more!


Create An Account

Faculty first need to create a free 3C Media account.

You MUST use your Butte College @butte.edu email address when registering.

Register for a 3C Media account >>

You will receive email confirmation, and a link to create an account password.



Upload Video

  1. Go to TechConnect Cloud (3C Media) and log in to your account

    3C Media log in

  2. Click My Account

    3C Media > My Account link

  3. Request upload access (one time only)
    The first time you access your Media library, you will be prompted to request upload access.
    3C Media request upload access

    * After the initial request for upload permission, there will be a short delay while your account is verified by 3C Media.

  4. Click Media

    3C Media > Media link

  5. Click Add / Upload Media

    3C Media - Upload Media

  6. Select “Upload a video” from the options:

    3C Media - select media type

    • Upload a video to 3C Media Solutions allows you to upload your own video files, manage them, and embed them into Canvas.
    • A video already on YouTube allows you to link a YouTube video to be managed from within 3C Media, but cannot be captioned (should already be captioned in YouTube).



Ensure Accurate Captioning

Captioning is an important part of using video in Canvas, and is required by law.  After uploading video to 3C Media, you can submit a request to have speech-to-text captioning generated.  Accuracy varies, depending on the content.
Faculty are encouraged to edit the caption file for accuracy.

See: How Can I Edit My TechConnect Cloud (3C Media) Caption file?



Embed Videos In Canvas


Once you have a TechConnect Cloud (3C Media) account, your content can be accessed from the content editor anywhere within Canvas.


  1. Use the 3C Media toolbar icon from the content editor to embed media

    3C Media toolbar icon

  2. Navigate your 3C Media Library and find the video to embed.

    Click the Insert button to the right of the video title.

    3C Media - toolbar popup

  3. The video will be placed in the content editor in the cursor location.

    3C Media embed example



TechConnect Cloud (3C Media) Quick Guides

How-To Upload Media to to Your TechConnect Cloud (3C Media) Account

Guide To Using TechConnect Cloud (3C Media) In Canvas

Contact TMI with questions, or to learn more about how to utilize TechConnect Cloud (3C Media) in your Canvas course. 

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