QUICK TIP: Assignment Muting

Do you use assignments in Canvas?  Mute iconStudents are normally notified of new assignment grades and comments immediately, which means one student gets their grade first, and another gets their grade last, sometimes with many days in between.  By “muting” and assignment, instructors can delay these student notifications until all submissions have been graded.

To deliver grades back to all students at the same time, mute an assignment while grading and commenting, then unmute it after grading is complete.

See the Canvas Guides:

How do I mute or unmute an assignment from the Gradebook?

How do I mute or unmute an assignment from SpeedGrader?

2 Responses to “QUICK TIP: Assignment Muting”

  1. Teresa Ensslin says:

    Hi there, I clicked on the link for Easy Accessibility Check, but instead I was directed to last week’s tip of the week, about muting assignments. I know I can find this information in the Canvas Guides, but I really have been appreciating the tip of the week with links.


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