Proctorio (Proctoring)

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This proctoring utility seamlessly integrates with your Canvas courses. No changes are needed to get the guaranteed exam integrity that Proctorio offers. Automated proctoring system lets you set the controls you need for each exam with the click of a mouse. 

Proctorio can monitor audio and video, and more.  The Lock Down Options provide a secure browser session, including:

  • prevent web usage
  • prevent new browser tabs
  • limit exam to a single screen
  • disabling printing
  • disable screen grabs
  • prevent redistribution of your exam

Proctorio is already installed and available to be enabled by instructors in all Canvas courses. (See: “How do I modify the Course Navigation links?”). Look for the “Secure Exam Proctor” in your Course Navigation menu and follow the prompts.

More information on NEW features can be found at: 

Butte College faculty can self-enroll in TMI’s Proctorio Demo Course.
We also recommend reviewing the Instructor Support Center 

Questions? Please contact or (866) 948-2039



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