Preparing For A New Semester – Adjust Dates

Harold Lloyd hanging from clock tower.Dates are an important part of any course, and must be updated to reflect the timing and schedule of a new semester.  Due dates affect when students are allowed to submit work, and content Availability dates allow instructors fine control of student access to content.

Canvas at Butte College includes  Adjust-All, a third-party tool that adds the ability to manage and adjust dates throughout a Canvas course from a single page.

With Adjust-All you can:

  • edit Due dates
  • edit Availability dates
  • edit Module lock dates
  • change dates for Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes and Announcements
  • bulk Publish or Unpublish modules and content items

Adjust-All is available in all courses, and can be accessed from the Course Menu.

screenshot, Adjust-All

See: Adjust-All User Guide

NOTE: The Adjust-All menu item is NOT visible to students.

2 Responses to “Preparing For A New Semester – Adjust Dates”

  1. Jim Cuneo says:

    was able to update the events from 2017 to 2018 however at the bottom of my syllabus, it still includes the activities of 2017 along with the 2018 updates

    • Chris Palmarini (TMI) says:

      It looks like the items listed in the Course Summary are Calendar entries. You can modify these by clicking each one to modify (or delete) an event in the Calendar.

      Hope this helps!

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