PlayPosit: Interactive Video Assessment

PlayPositWhat is it?

PlayPosit is an online tool that allows instructors to prepare video clips and encourage student engagement by:

  • adding text or image slides to provide context or additional information,
  • giving instant feedback on some questions,
  • inserting multiple-choice, multiple-answer and fill-in-the blank questions to check for understanding,
  • incorporating polling, discussion and reflection questions as students are watching the videos.

How does it work?

PlayPosit “bulbs” (video lessons) can be created with videos already on the web (on 3C Media, YouTube, TED, PBS, etc.) or with videos created by instructors using Snagit or Camtasia and uploaded to 3C Media.

The videos will pause at specific points designated by an instructor and wait for viewers’ to respond. Bulbs can be embedded in any tool or area of a course in Canvas.

Instructors can see students’ answers and receive information about how many times and how much time students spent viewing the videos! Assessment submission scores are automatically recorded in the Canvas Gradebook.

video icon  Watch this short video overview that we think best explains PlayPosit.

How do I get started?

Just fill out the below form to let TMI know you’re interested. We’ll be in touch and provide more details and schedule a training session! We’re hoping to hold a kick-off meeting in the last half of February. A poll will be sent out on 2/18 to help decide this. 

There is an informational webinar planned for Friday, 2/21/20 at 12PM.
Register for the webinar

Important: There’s NO NEED to sign up for PlayPosit at their website! It will be offered as an integrated service to CCC colleges from TechConnect, which also manages 3C Media and ConferZoom for all California Community Colleges.

What’s with the Dachshund?

We have no idea, but word on the street is that his name is Harvey.

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