Canvas Release Notes Highlights (Dec 10, 2016)

Canvas is updated every three weeks.  Each update typically includes a variety of small fixes and minor improvements, but occasionally there are more substantial updates to specific tools, or new features added.

Highlights in the 2016-12-10 Release Notes:

  • Course Auto-Favorites (Dashboard)
  • Manage Rubrics Menu Placement (Outcomes)

Course Auto-Favorites

For users who have customized their Courses list, Canvas automatically adds all new enrollments as a favorite. This change helps Canvas users locate new courses in the Dashboard and the Global Navigation Courses menu. Customizing a course list means a user has clicked the All Courses link in the Courses menu and manually favorited at least one course in the Courses list.

release-notes-feature-idea-icon.png Canvas Community contributions: add newly accept course to course menu by default

Manage Rubrics Menu Placement

In both the account- and course-level Outcomes pages, the Manage Rubrics button has been moved inside an Outcomes menu. This menu will be used to add additional features in a future Canvas release.


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