New Gradebook

NEW!Canvas recently introduced a new Gradebook, with a variety of updates, including new menus and filters, Late Grade policies, and improved functionality.

The new Gradebook was automatically enabled in ALL courses beginning Winter 2019.

See the Canvas Guides:

Canvas Release: New Gradebook

How do I use the New Gradebook?

New Gradebook Guide (Comprehensive)

Gradebook Functionality Comparison

Grade Detail Sidebar Guide

How do I enter and edit grades in the New Gradebook?



What features are already released and what features will be available in the future?

For the complete list of features in each phase, check out the New Gradebook Users Group page, the Gradebook Enhancements Canvas Studio Page, or the Canvas Release Notes.

Can I switch back to the old Gradebook?


How do I find out more about the new Late Policies feature?

Check out the Late Policies: Instructor FAQ.

How do I report bugs?

First, ensure what you want to report is a bug, which means the feature is not performing as intended. What you may think is a bug actually may be intended (we’re working on a document to help explain some of those behaviors). Otherwise, please follow these steps:

1. See if your bug is a known issue specifically related to the preview beta Gradebook.

2. View the list of reported bugs. The Reported Bugs section is located in the main focus group page— look in the left sidebar under the blue buttons.

3. If you still can’t find a report for a specific behavior: open Canvas, contact TMI to submit a detailed description of the issue.

How do I make suggestions for improvements to the Gradebook?

First, check to see if your suggestion has already been made, or is in development, by visiting the Canvas Studio page on the new Gradebook.  Log in to the Canvas Community and add your voice to the discussion, or propose a new feature!

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