Make A New “Sandbox” Course

sand·box    /’san(d) bäks/

  1. a shallow box or hollow partly filled with sand to play in.
  2. a virtual space in which new or untested software can be run securely.


Want to play around in Canvas?

Faculty can create their own development courses in Canvas.  These are sometimes referred to as “sandbox” courses, since they are a place to explore, experiment and build new things.

Photo of sandbox

Some things to know about sandbox courses:

  • Sandbox courses will never have students in them.  They are for development only.
  • Any and all content created in a sandbox course may be copied into an official course.
  • Any sandbox course you create, you may also delete (see below).

See the following Canvas Guides for complete instructions:

How do I create a new course shell?  (“sandbox”)

How do I import content from another Canvas course?

How do I permanently delete a course?


What would I do with a sandbox course?

Here are some possible uses for a sandbox course:

  • Prepare content for a brand new course that you have never taught before.
  • Make a copy of a current course so you can begin making changes for the next semester.
  • Import content from a textbook publisher for evaluation.
  • Import and review content from a colleague before bringing it into your own course.
  • Experiment with some Canvas tools (Quizzes, Discussions, etc.) without cluttering an existing course.
  • And more…!


The option to Create A New Course is found on the Dashboard.


So go make a sandbox, and play in Canvas!

NOTE: New sandbox courses do not automatically appear on your Dashboard or in the Courses list.  

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