Are enrollments the same in WebAdvisor and Canvas?

Official enrollments in WebAdvisor (accessible from within MyBC) are the source of enrollments in Canvas. New ADDS and DROPS are sent to Canvas approximately once each hour.

If a student appears on your WebAdvisor roster but not in your Canvas course, they will most likely be added to Canvas shortly.  If you can confirm that a student is officially enrolled but does not appear in Canvas, please contact TMI staff at or 530-895-2200.

If there is someone who is NOT on your WebAdvisor roster and who IS in Canvas, it is probable that they have dropped the course. If this happens before the student has posted any graded work in Canvas, you may remove the student from your Canvas course.

See the following Canvas Guide on making an enrollment inactive in a course:

How do I deactivate an enrollment in a course?

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