Add pronouns to your Canvas account

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All users in Canvas can easily select pronouns to be associated with their account.



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QUICK TIP: Check The Canvas Status Page

Tachometer iconCanvas is generally very reliable, but users may occasionally experience delays or errors.  Be sure to check the status of various Canvas services and get information on any current or recent issues that might be affecting performance.

Checking the status of Canvas can also be helpful when confirming student complaints about failed file uploads, or other technical issues.

Canvas Status Page


QUICK TIP: Add A Profile Picture

blank profile picture with question markThe online environment can sometimes seem distant and impersonal.  Adding a photo to your own Canvas profile can help your students feel just a little more connected to you and your class.

Add an existing photo, or take one on the spot using your webcam or mobile device.

Take a look at the People section of your class to see how many of your students have added their own profile photos.

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I add a profile picture in my user account as an instructor?

How do I use the People page as an instructor?

Understanding Canvas Terminology

Not everyone has time to attend a Canvas workshop from TMI, and one of the things faculty are often confused by in Canvas is the terminology. glossary magnified

The Canvas Community, aside from having the extensive user guides, also has a very useful Glossary of terminology, including:

  • Activity Stream
  • Conferences
  • Dashboard
  • Files
  • Global Navigation
  • Pages
  • Rich Content Editor
  • …and many more

See the Canvas Guide:

Where can I find a guide of Canvas terminology?