Grade Justifications And Canvas

GradesFaculty using the Canvas Gradebook to record student grades do not need to export and submit grade justifications, as long as it contains ALL grades for the course.

Please send a brief email to your department secretary to inform them you have used Canvas to manage grades.

Final grades must still be reported in MyBC.

End of term Gradebook checks:

    • Confirm all assignments are present
      If you are recording grades in Canvas, ALL grades should be included in the Gradebook, including in-class activities.
    • Confirm assignments have Due Dates.
      Due dates are entered using the settings (Edit) for assignments, discussions and quizzes.
    • Enter zeros for missing assignments.
      Students are not graded for assignments with no score entered.  Be sure to set up the Gradebook to automatically enter zeros for missing work!
    • Excuse students from assignments.
      You may mark an assignment as “exempt” for a student, if circumstances require it.  The points will not be calculated into their final score.
    • Ensure that the Final (Letter) Grade is enabled.
      This is enabled by default, but faculty should confirm that the letter grade is present and accurate.  The default grading scheme (70-80%, 80-90%, etc.) can be adjusted, if needed.
    • Enter the Last Date Of Attendance for FW’s.
      Determine the last date of attendance before the student ceased attending and participating in the course.  Grades for dropped students are also available.
    • Did you include the SLOs?
      Associated outcomes should be indicated in individual assignment, quiz, or discussion titles.

QUESTIONS?  Please contact Christie Boggs about grade justification requirements.