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Protected: Add Office 365 To Your Canvas Course

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Enable Plagiarism Detection in Canvas

Unicheck is a cloud-based service that identifies plagiarism and similar submissions by comparing  student submitted work against an ever-increasing database of sources. 

Unicheck replaces VeriCite for plagiarism detection, and is very similar in appearance within the Canvas SpeedGrader, as well as reporting and options.

If you have used VeriCite in the past with Assignments in Canvas, it is important to know that it has been disabled. Interested in using plagiarism detection? Action is needed to enable Unicheck. Read more…

Canvas Commons

Commons iconCommons is learning object repository created by Canvas users.  Faculty can import shared learning resources into Canvas courses, and share their own content with others in the community.


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Use 3C Media In Canvas

3C Media Solutions3C Media Solutions provides a free video hosting/streaming/captioning service, available to all faculty and staff of the California Community Colleges System.  

To use videos from 3C Media in Canvas, you will need to:


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Add A Publisher Integration To Your Course

Laptop with graphics coming out of screenSeveral major textbook publishers provide the ability to integrate their content and services with Canvas courses.  For example, assignments provided by the publisher can be linked from within a Canvas module, and grades from the assignment will be automatically pushed back to the Canvas gradebook.


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Enable NetTutor In Your Course

logo_NetTutorNetTutor is an online tutoring service available to all Butte College students, providing live real-time tutoring for a wide variety of subjects.


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