Course Management

QUICK TIP: Use Course Analytics For Insight Into Student Activity

It can be hard to know just how much students are actually using your Canvas course, or what content is accessed the most, or the least.

Every course includes access to a Course Analytics report that displays course activity, assignment submission timing, grade distribution, student activity, and more.

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Add Another User To Your Course

Add Person iconFaculty may wish to add other instructors to their course for a variety of reasons.  Please keep in mind that official enrollments are handled automatically, so there is no need to add instructors who are already assigned to a course.

Other instructors (or administrators) may be added to permit them to import (copy) some or all content from the course, collaborate on course development, or just browse the course. Whether or not the other instructor can make changes to the course depends on the role they are assigned when added.

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QUICK TIP: Delete Unused Courses!

Abandoned carFaculty have the ability to create new Canvas courses for experimentation and course development.  These courses are often temporary in nature, and rarely used with students.  Over time, they can accumulate and should be deleted if no longer needed.

Have you checked your Courses list in Canvas lately?  If you have old and unused courses, take a few minutes to clean house and remove the clutter.

Any course that you have created yourself (using the Start a New Course option), you can also delete.

NOTE: Official scheduled courses cannot be deleted.

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QUICK TIP: Student View

binocularsInstructors may preview a Canvas course as a student at any time.  This is an essential part of developing and testing a course before it is actively used by students.

While in Student View, the instructor may navigate the course content, submit assignments, post to discussions, take quizzes, and more.  

Whether you are just learning Canvas or are an experienced user, taking the time to examine your course as a student is an important part of understanding how to best use the tools effectively.

See the Canvas Guide:

What is Student View?

How do I enable Student View?

Allow Early Course Access To Students

Sunrise over road with treesOfficial courses in Canvas are automatically set to allow students access on the first scheduled day of class at 7am.

However, faculty may adjust dates to allow early access for students, if needed.

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Using The Attendance Tool

Hands raised

Canvas includes a built-in Attendance tool, which can be used to easily record and track classroom attendance.

The Attendance tool is not active by default, and must be enabled by the instructor.

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Preparing For A New Semester – Checklist

Back To School - image of books and chalkboardEach new semester brings changes.  After copying over content from a previous semester, take the time to go through your courses and update any old or irrelevant information, clarify things that might have generated questions last semester, remove unused or unwanted content, fix typos, and generally make improvements. 

Are there changes to the syllabus?  New edition of the textbook?  Are you ready to try using a new tool in your Canvas course? How about integrating with publisher content?  Need to improve any assignment instructions?

Make changes before the new semester begins, so your students have the most accurate and effective content!

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Preparing For A New Semester – Adjust Dates

Harold Lloyd hanging from clock tower.Dates are an important part of any course, and must be updated to reflect the timing and schedule of a new semester.  Due dates affect when students are allowed to submit work, and content Availability dates allow instructors fine control of student access to content.

Canvas at Butte College includes  Adjust-All, a third-party tool that adds the ability to manage and adjust dates throughout a Canvas course from a single page.

With Adjust-All you can:

  • edit Due dates
  • edit Availability dates
  • edit Module lock dates
  • change dates for Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes and Announcements
  • bulk Publish or Unpublish modules and content items

Adjust-All is available in all courses, and can be accessed from the Course Menu.

screenshot, Adjust-All

See: Adjust-All User Guide

NOTE: The Adjust-All menu item is NOT visible to students.

Preparing For A New Semester – Import Course Content

Don't wait until tomorrow!Faculty can reuse course content from one semester to the next by simply importing content from an old course into a new course.

Official courses (with students enrollments) are created two weeks before the first day of each term.

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How To “Publish” A Course

Antique printing pressCan your students see your course?

A course can either be “Published” or “Unpublished,” as determined by the instructor.  When official courses are first created, they are not in a Published state.  Instructors with course content should Publish the course prior to student access.


Courses are not published automatically.  You must publish your course to make it available!

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