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Enable Plagiarism Detection in Canvas

Unicheck is a cloud-based service that identifies plagiarism and similar submissions by comparing student submitted work against an ever-increasing database of sources.

Unicheck can be accessed from within the Canvas SpeedGrader when viewing a student’s submission, as well as the report of sources and other options.

Unicheck within Speedgrader

Once you have enabled Unicheck within an Assignment, and students have submitted, you will see two reference points to the Unicheck similarity report.

One of these will be a percentage which indicates the level of the submission that is suspect.

Clicking on either icon will launch the Unicheck Report and corresponding links to suspected sources.


Interested in using plagiarism detection? Action is needed to enable Unicheck.

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Canvas Release Notes Highlights (November 17, 2018)

Canvas is updated every three weeks.  Each update typically includes a variety of small fixes and minor improvements, but occasionally there are more substantial updates to specific tools, or new features added.

Highlights in the 2018-11-17 Release Notes:

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QUICK TIP: Validate Course Links

404 Page Not Found errorIf you have added links to web sites in your Canvas course, it’s a good idea to ensure they are still active and accurate, particularly before a new semester.

Fortunately, you don’t need to go through an entire course and click every link to make sure the site is still there.

Use the Validate Links In Content tool to automatically check web links throughout the course, and review a report of any unresponsive sites.

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I validate links in a course?

QUICK TIP: Copy Items From One Course To Another

Duplicate item graphicCreating content in Canvas can take time.  If you teach more than one section of the same course, it can be much more efficient to import the content from another course rather than recreate it.

The same Import Course Content feature used to copy an entire course between semesters can also be used to copy only a few items at a time by choosing the Select specific content option.

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I select specific content as part of a course import?

QUICK TIP: Duplicate Content Items

Duplicate stampDid you know many content items in Canvas can easily be copied?  Instructors can use the Duplicate feature to make quick copies of existing content, such as pages, discussions and assignments.


One of the most effective ways to use Duplicate is by developing simple templates for commonly used content items.

Create a single Page or Assignment with basic headings, instructions and other common elements, then use Duplicate to create a copy and customize as needed.  This can improve consistency in your content, and provide a more efficient workflow.

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I duplicate a module item?

Canvas Accessibility Checker

Accessibility iconAccessibility is an important part of using Canvas.  Any content you create or include needs to be accessible to all students, including those using assistive technologies.

The Accessibility Checker built into the Canvas content editor makes it easy to detect and correct the most common accessibility issues, such as missing text headings, alternative text for images, and color contrast.

NOTE: Only checks content created in the Canvas content editor.  Uploaded files and external resources must be examined separately.

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CCC Accessibility Center Help Desk

Accessibility means ensuring that all users can benefit from the same content, regardless of their individual abilities.  But making content accessible can be complicated and confusing, and even with a wide range of available resources, sometimes it’s helpful to have someone to ask.

The CCC Accessibility Center is here to help!

“The CCC Accessibility Center Help Desk provides answers and information regarding web accessibility issues common to California Community Colleges.  Ask questions about web sites, online videos, web applications, or mobile app accessibility to get a response from accessibility subject matter experts.”

Examples of accessibility questions could include:

  • What is the purpose of headings in a web page and should I include them?
  • When is it appropriate to not include a text description for an image?
  • How do I support accessibility for mobile devices?
  • What steps should I follow to include captions for YouTube videos?
  • How can I check accessibility in my Word documents?

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Visit the:
CCC Accessibility Center Help Desk


QUICK TIP: Assignment Muting

Do you use assignments in Canvas?  Mute iconStudents are normally notified of new assignment grades and comments immediately, which means one student gets their grade first, and another gets their grade last, sometimes with many days in between.  By “muting” and assignment, instructors can delay these student notifications until all submissions have been graded.

To deliver grades back to all students at the same time, mute an assignment while grading and commenting, then unmute it after grading is complete.

See the Canvas Guides:

How do I mute or unmute an assignment from the Gradebook?

How do I mute or unmute an assignment from SpeedGrader?

QUICK TIP: View Page History

Canvas includes the ability to review past revisions to a Page, and revert to an older version, if needed.

From any page, click the gear icon to reveal the option to View Page History.

Use the gear icon from any Page to access the option:


Revision History provides access to past versions, and revert if needed.

Pages - View Page History (revisions)

See the Canvas Guide:

How do I view the history of a page in a course?

QUICK TIP: The Undelete Trick

Blue arrow - undoDid you know you can see a list of deleted content in a Canvas course, and recover it?

This undocumented feature does not include every change made in a course, but most items can be restored from the hidden ‘undelete’ page:

Here’s how to find it:

  1. On the home page of any course, note the URL.
    Undelete trick - URL 1
  2. Add ‘/undelete’ to the end of the URL, hit Enter
    Undelete trick - URL 2

The Restore Deleted Items page will display a list of items in chronological order, including a restore button used to recover deleted content.