Canvas Release Notes Highlights (December 8, 2018)

Canvas is updated every three weeks.  Each update typically includes a variety of small fixes and minor improvements, but occasionally there are more substantial updates to specific tools, or new features added.

Highlights in the 2018-12-8 Release Notes:

  • HTML 5 Media Recorder (Rich Content Editor)
  • Card View Course Ordering (Dashboard)
  • Navigation Home Link Menu Removal (Course Menu)

HTML 5 Media Recorder

HTML5 is used instead of flash within the Rich Content Editor in Firefox and Chrome browsers.  This change allows recorded media without requiring flash within the Firefox and Chrome browsers.

NOTE: Internet Explorer and Safari browsers do not support this functionality. Users will not notice any change within the Rich Content Editor and still require the use of Flash.

Card View Course Ordering

Course cards can be manually ordered in the Card View Dashboard.  This change allows users to place course cards in a specific order.

Navigation Home Link Menu Removal

In the Navigation page, the Home link does not include a Settings menu.  This change aligns consistency with intended functionality of keeping the Home link at the top of the Course Navigation Menu.

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